Dotdynamic and Your Business

Working with Matthew at Dotdynamic allows you to access internet marketing experience and knowledge that will help drive your internet marketing efforts to a new level. Just some of the skills and services available to your business will include:


Content Marketing Plan

Marketing online revolves around content. Everything you want to convey to your target audience is conveyed by content. To effectively engage your audience online it is essential to first identify who your target audience is and second to identify what content they are looking for that you can provide them.

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Search Engine Optimization

Your beautiful marketing website can only do its job if people can find it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets your site found by key search engines like Google and Bing for the keywords that help drive business through your website.

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Social Media Marketing

Learn how to use social media networks and tools to market your business. Connect with the emerging Millennial generation and put your business ahead of your competitors online.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Finding it tough to compete in the search engines for those essential revenue driving keywords? Using Pay Per Click Advertising but not seeing any benefit? Work through a PPC optimization process to get ahead of the competition in search engine such as Google.

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Website Optimization

All of that internet marketing and website traffic not doing what you expected? Work through a data driven website conversion optimization process to funnel your visitors to take revenue generating actions on your website.

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Public Speaking

Matthew would be delighted to speak at your event or host training sessions and workshops to suit your needs. Matthew is proficient in speaking on topics such as Internet Marketing, Social Media (for business and marketing), Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising.

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