Content Marketing Plan

What is a Content Marketing Plan?

Content Marketing Plan A content marketing plan examines the very foundation of your business’s offerings, value proposition and knowledge to understand what you can provide your audience to attract and engage them and that will ultimately cause them to remember your brand and to take revenue generating actions.

The plan discusses what content you should create, who it is created for, where and when to distribute it and how to use your content to build and engage a relevant network.

A content marketing plan will help you:

  • Set Realistic Goals and Objectives
  • Define and Measure Success Metrics
  • Define Demographic Personas
  • Choose Content Themes, Topics and Types
  • Plan Content Workflow, Optimization and Distribution
    • Know how to Optimize Content
    • Know when and where to Distribute Content

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Why You Need a Content Marketing Plan

Marketing online revolves around content. Everything you want to convey to your target audience is conveyed by content, whether it is a product page, service description, competition description, blog post, image or video. To effectively engage your audience online it is essential to first identify who your target audience is and second to identify what content they are looking for that you can provide them.

So many businesses jump in to internet marketing expecting results without understanding what they can provide to an online audience to gain their attention and earn their engagement. Internet marketing tactics such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising succeed based on the quality and relevancy of the content your business generates. These tactics address key content delivery mechanisms to ensure your content spreads beyond your website where it can be found by your audience.

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