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4 Business Blogging Misconceptions

4 Business Blogging Misconceptions

Blogging has always been a popular choice when it comes to attracting, engaging, and converting customers online. So, with that in mind, here are some of the most common misconceptions about business blogging and how you will be able to get the most out of your blog.

People Will Find My Blog Themselves – You have written an excellent blog and you click ‘Publish’, now what? Well, grab a coffee and wait for people to read my blog, right? WRONG!

All being well your blog will be included in Google’s search results where there are also millions of other blogs published so how can you make your blog stand out and climb up the search results ladder?

It is important to have a keyword focused blog. This means that you selected keyword or phrase in included in the body on your text as well as in the page title and in the meta description, doing this will help Google to better understand your blog making it easier for Google to match your content to a user’s search query.

Sharing your content on Social Media will help gain traction by providing people with the link and encouraging them to read your piece.

Make sure that your blog is useful and unique resource will help ensure that you readers want to share it with their friends. Encourage your readers to share your blog by including sharing buttons, along with a strong call to action prompting them with what their next step should be.

Keywords Need to be verbatim  – Once upon a time, after you had selected your keyword, this exact phrase was scattered throughout your blog, regardless of how well it fit into the sentence, but that is no longer the case.

Search engines have gotten smarter and no longer rely on a series of words placed in a particular order, instead they understand a user’s intent (based on location, past search history, and the relationship between keywords and topics), meaning that you can now use derivatives of your keyword, see our example below:

Your focus keyword ‘Flower Shop Dublin’, this would be included in your URL, H1 and Page Title. Now throughout your blog you can use terms like ‘Flower Delivery in Dublin’, ‘Florist in Dublin’ and ‘Ordering Flowers in Dublin’.


Quality Over Quantity – It can be tempting to spend two hours writing 10 mediocre posts so that you can have a new blog going live every day but try to avoid this. Search engines and your audience will prefer good quality, interesting content twice a week rather than more frequent, lesser quality blogs.

Try to take the time to research and write excellent blogs, perhaps twice a week initially and you will see a much better response than if you were to write less more often.

Click here to read our Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Business Blogging.

Posting Business News on a Blog – Many companies use their blog section to post company news; this can be good occasionally but this should never dominate your blog feed.

Prospective customers often research future purchases, general questions, and specific problems online. As such blogs are often the first point of contact that a prospective customer has with a company. Using your blog to educate these visitors can be a great way to convert them into a lead. If you are continually writing about yourself, you are missing that opportunity to showcase your knowledge of your industry and the benefits of your products/services.

Company news can be relevant sometimes but don’t pass up the chance to increase your enquiries and sales and gain new customers.
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Eleanor is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Dotdynamic and has been working in all things marketing for 5 years and a Bachelors Degree in Business and Digital Marketing. With a background as a Online Advertising Specialist, Eleanor is passionate to all things advertising and loves to get her client the maximum return on their ad spend. Now, as the Marketing Coordinator, she works as the liason between clients and the team ensuring the team are beating their goals and that the clients are involved every step of the way. Eleanor is also the co-host of Growth Marketing for Humans, a podcast produced by Dotdynamic. Outside of work, Eleanor is a dotting "cat-mom" to Alfie, a black British Shorthair.