Business Social Media for Beginners: 5 Best Practices
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5 Best Practices of Using Social Media to Promote your Business

5 Best Practices of Using Social Media to Promote your Business

Using social media to promote your business has become an integral of part of your company’s online success. The below best practices will help ensure that your company uses their online presence effectively.

Set SMART Goals

Whether you are looking to drive sales or you simply want to grow your social media presence, SMART goals are a must.Such goals help to focus your company’s activities and hone in on what exactly it is you want to achieve, reducing the risk of distractions. SMART Goals are made up of

  • Specific – Should relate to your visit, leads or customers
  • Measurable – Provide a number to help you measure your success
  • Attainable – Should be in line with previous benchmarks
  • Realistic – Should relate back to the overall end goal
  • Timely – Include a timeframe or deadline.

An example of a good SMART Goal is: Increase leads by 30% from 110 per week to 121 per week by the 1st November  

This can be used as a frame for your own company’s SMART Goals

Create a Content Plan

In order to achieve your SMART Goals, you will need to create a plan outlining how you hope to do this. Your plan should outline the content you are going to create and where you are going to post it online. This content should also consider your customers and where they are in the buyer’s journey. Presenting the right content to your customers at the right time is crucial and your content calendar, customer segmentation, and workflows will help you ensure that you are targeting your customers at key dates and points of their customer journey.

Meet Your Audience Where They Are  

There is no benefit to your company being on Pinterest if your target audience are only on Facebook and sometimes on Twitter. Use your buyer personas to establish which sites your customers frequent and create profiles on these platforms.

Once you have created these profiles, ensure that you do not post the same content on every page. Some of your customers may follow your on multiple platforms and you do not want to keep presenting them with the same content.

Use Optimisation Often

Optimisation is key for a successful social media presence.  Ensure that all of your company’s profiles contain accurate and up-to-date information for your customers; all contact details and company details should be correct.

It is important to note that every platform is designed to be utilised differently. Keep this in mind when you are creating content. Something designed for Pinterest may not work well on Twitter, so make sure that this is considered when sharing your content.

Your message should always be clear and with some platforms having a character restriction this can be difficult. Always ensure that your message is concise, clear and accompanied with a strong call-to-action.

Finally, optimise for results, reflect on your performance and ensure content promotion strategy is getting you the results.

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Eleanor is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Dotdynamic and has been working in all things marketing for 5 years and a Bachelors Degree in Business and Digital Marketing. With a background as a Online Advertising Specialist, Eleanor is passionate to all things advertising and loves to get her client the maximum return on their ad spend. Now, as the Marketing Coordinator, she works as the liason between clients and the team ensuring the team are beating their goals and that the clients are involved every step of the way. Eleanor is also the co-host of Growth Marketing for Humans, a podcast produced by Dotdynamic. Outside of work, Eleanor is a dotting "cat-mom" to Alfie, a black British Shorthair.